Environmental Commitment Our philosophy Our poster displays are manufactured using the least possible natural resources, we believe we can help people and companies efficiently deliver their messages, and make a difference.   For 30 years, we have been continually designing and developing new products to enhance messages and will continue to increase our in-store POP line.   With the majority of our printed products we maximize the use of recycled products. All of the paper we use is FSC approved.   Our shelf talkers and wobblers are printed on Synaps © and can be recycled through Polyester (PET) recycling channels.   Our canvas wraps use stretcher bars that are made from the best grades of North American basswood. This is the wood of choice for most museum quality stretcher bars due to its stability,  low resin and lignin content. The wood is kiln dried to a moisture content below 8% which will insure that there will be no warp or shrinkage after the canvas is applied to the stretching frame.